Marketing and Sales Strategy

As a marketing commuications and sales strategy company we provide the following services.

Executive Coaching

  • Driving entrepreneurial ventures to success requires great ideas, passion and focused execution.  E2Excellence coaching focuses on the execution, helping executives to develop and implement results- driven programs that optimize budgets and available resources.  Our clients use us to accelerate their success.

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Strategic Business and Communication Planning

  • Creating a strategic blueprint for building success requires articulating your vision and mission and then executing in a focused disciplined way. Starting with an audit process, we analyze where your business is today including current website, online and offline strategy and collateral. We look at your successes, and failures, growth opportunitie,s and threats to success in the context of a competitive market.  Creating an integrated marketing-communication plan based on focused results-driven objectives enables you to optimize budgets utilizing  low-cost online and new media strategies with traditional media.

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Business Development
  • In today’s competitive market simple organic growth may not be enough to take your company to the next level of performance.  Often niche players do best when leveraging brand and relationships of established partners. At the same time, a lot of time can be wasted pursuing and courting the wrong partners.  Entrepreneurial Excellence helps to vet and bring those partners to the table that best help your business.

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Sales Strategy and Reference customers
  • Many entrepreneurs and innovators find that the most difficult, yet important aspect of getting to market is closing  reference customers representing their first few deals.  Frequently this validation and proof of concept is linked to increased investor support and marks a milestone for growth.  Entrepreneurial Excellence provides a specialized enterprise level sales program.  We can set up your company CRM program and use our C-level callers to generate your first meetings and reference customers.  Once your sales infrastructure is in place, we help you take it in-house. See Bluefield Holdings Case Study of The Rain Harvesting Bank @
Public Private Partnerships
  • The Obama Stimulus Plan has many small and midsize business wondering how they can benefit from the stimulus plan. Though President Obama is still setting his agenda, we are seeing lots of potential opportunities for the small and mid-size companies especially those involved in environmental, healthcare and security services. 
  • Though Public-Private partnerships seems to be the buzz word of the year,  they have been a mainstay of significant community support and change over the years.  Frances Schlosstein, Entrepreneurial Excellence’ president has been involved with different public-private partnerships since the early 1990’s when one of her clients won a presidential award for community health.
  • Entrepreneurial Excellence is actively working with legislators to develop public-private partnerships that synchronize with President Obama’s agenda.  Regarding the 2009 stimulus plan, we are all on a learning curve.  Entrepreneurial Excellence helps their clients stay ahead of the curve.
  • Entrepreneurial Excellence clients involved in public-private partnerships include:
    Infragard www.New York Metro InfraGard
PR Strategy
  • With blogging, new media and online press releases, the use of public relations to further business efforts is becoming ever more the science.  Entrepreneurial Excellence brings a host of experience in traditional Public Relations and Crisis Management services.  We partners with industry innovators in applying online Public Relations strategies.
Website and Collateral Development
  • Entrepreneurial Excellence provides results driven strategic planning and tactical implementation.  We believe that high quality programs needs to be followed by ‘over-the-top” excellence in creative execution. Because of this we select our creative partners carefully according to the industry experience and pure creative brilliance that they can bring to the table on a client by client basis. Having been in the business for over 25 years we take pride in the fact that the work we do with our partners is strategic focused and “sings”.
  • If you need a results-driven marketing or sales campaign with strategic focus give us a call at: 646-431-760
Online Strategy
  • Providing online strategy and the plans and budgets to execute are a key part of an integrated marketing mix.  We work with industry innovators and strategic partners to bring our clients the best possible search engine optimization strategy and social media options.
Analyst Briefings
  • Innovators know that leveraging industry opinion leaders to advocate their products and servcies is an important part of achieving  early adoption and reference customers. Entrepreneurial Excellence understands the process and what it takes to reach opinion leaders whether they be industry analysts, subject matte experts who are blogging or conference speakers.  We help our clients identify and reach these important players.